Meet Fortune Maseko

Fortune Maseko is 10 years old from Blantyre, Malawi, who is currently preparing to receive her Confirmation at the Holy Ghost Parish. She spoke with MCA about the COVID 19 pandemic, and how that global crisis made her more aware of God’s constant presence in her life: "My family and I prayed together a lot during those times, and this in turned strengthened my faith," Fortune said. Thanking all the children who take part in the Mite Box campaign, she encouraged them to join her in "praying for God’s mercy and to continue working hard in school." According to USAID, only 41 percent of students complete their primary education on time. Support from MCA this year helped more than 25,000 children in this region of Malawi can learn about the faith and attend school.

Meet Sarah

Sarah, from Yendi, in northern Ghana, has struggled through most of her 12 years of life: Due to a speech impediment, she was considered an "spirit child" or a bad omen. At the young age of 4, she was rejected by her family and her community. Thanks be to God and relying on the support of the Mite Box campaign, Sister Stan at the Nazareth Home for God's Children rescued Sarah, giving her a home, and education, and loving care. Now 12 years Sarah is the top of her class of 35 students and credits her rescuer: "Sister Stan brought me here, she saved my life," she said. There are over a million orphans in Ghana. Your generosity with MCA helps missionaries such as Sister Stan provide a safe heaven for children like Sarah.

Meet John Nicolas

"At school, I try to treat others as my brothers and sisters, because I see Jesus in every person," says John Nicholas, a 15-year-old who lives in Uganda, in East Africa. He also prays with his family and watches the children’s Mass on Uganda Catholic Television. "I am glad that my family and parish have given me an opportunity to grow and participate in witnessing to Jesus as my friend and brother and whom I am able to share with those around me." In 2021, support from MCA in Moroto, Uganda, where John lives, provided an education for some 1,200 young people. Funds were also allocated to a local hospital, and to a program preventing child trafficking. According to the US State Department, thousands of Ugandan children as young as seven are exploited in forced labor in agriculture, fishing, forestry, cattle herding, mining, stone quarrying, brick making, carpentry, steel manufacturing, street vending, bars, restaurants, gold mining, and domestic service.

Meet Josefina

Josefina Missau is a 13-year-old who was born and lives in Ingoré in Guinea-Bissau, who is a proud young evangelizer. She has learned a lot about her faith from participating in the activities of the Missionary Childhood Association in her country. "At home, I have gathered the children in the neighborhood, and tell them the stories of saints and from the Bible," she said. "I do it with great joy and gratitude, because I know that I am announcing Jesus!" Last year support from MCA provided for the formation in our faith for 700 children just like Josefina in this country in West Africa.

Meet Peter

To say that Peter, in Zambia, has not had an easy life, would be an understatement: When he was three years old, he wandered away from his mother who was selling vegetables as she did each day at the local market. Tragically, Peter slipped and fell, getting stuck on the nearby railway tracks, just as the train was passing. He lost both his legs that day. Thanks to the Sisters at the Cheshire Home in Peter’s village, he was able to receive medical treatment and physical therapy. He and the other children at the home also receive an education, three meals a day, and an endless supply of loving care. MCA help last year reached two Cheshire Homes in Zambia, providing for 240 children.

Meet Vandoosha and Shorti

Vandoosha and her best friend Shorti from India, have been inseparable for years, and they are not shy when acknowledging that they owe their lives to a group of missionary Sisters who rescued them from human trafficking. When they were found, it was evident that they had been mistreated and they were malnourished. The care of the Sisters helped them heal. According to India’s National Crime Records Bureau, as many as one child is taken by human traffickers every eight minutes. The economic support from MCA helps hundreds of religious sisters in Asia rescue more children from this illegal industry and re-integrate into society by providing them shelter and loving care.